The Quality

The guiding principle of MARTIN & C. has always been to strive for technical and production perfection, in order to provide a quality reference standard for anyone purchasing one of our products.

In the field of precision balls and micro-balls, and of bearings and bearing components in general, unfortunately it often happens that producers and sellers flaunt their products as being of high quality when in fact they are anything but.

Roundness measurement
Roughness measurement

It is nonsense to talk about quality without some reference to universally recognised standards. That is why we at MARTIN & C. certify our products under ISO 3290-1 international standards – relating to balls – and on request according to DIN 4501 or American AFMBA standards.

This means that MARTIN customers can be sure of the quality of the goods they receive, produced by a manufacturer whose production process is covered by standards ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and ISO 14001.
These standards involve stringent controls and careful selection of raw materials and suppliers, who must also be qualified and certified.
Section THE INSPECTION gives further information about the final checks we perform before sending the goods.

Vickers hardness measurement

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